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our mission


Functional & Fit.

  • To make you look wicked in your acWom athleisure/exercise tops.

  • To offer athleisure wear options to mature women that the market place does not.

  • To offer fine fabrics, good design and comfort.

  • To help you feel proud and beautiful while you exercise and go on with your day.

Look fabulous! Be amazing!

Sally Daniels, Founder of ACWOM

our founder

Sally Daniels

Sally, a retired realtor of 35 years, is also a part time Pilates instructor and avid exerciser.  A few years ago, she started paying attention to what her mature students were wearing to class.  "Some women can rock any look.  I believe many women could look more exciting if the right top was offered.   No one should be wearing their husband's old t-shirts to the gym!  A huge niche market has been overlooked by the industry.  Just about every woman I know that's my age exercises in one way or another, and we need an appropriate top to wear."

She then started searching for athleisure wear and exercise tops that were more suitable to women's bodies.  The market did not offer much so she started designing and making her own.  A little higher at the front neck line.    A little longer at the bottom.   Mesh sleeves for modesty and coverage. 


Covid slowed every stage of development down.   Finally, in November 2022, Sally, at 66 years old launched her acWom brand of athleisure tops.

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