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Why body types?

Endomorphs.    Ectomorphs.   Mesomorphs.   

Which body type are you? Or, are you a combination?

Endomorphs: bottom heavy.  Usually smaller on top – both shoulders and breasts.  They have a terrible time loosing weight and often must diet to keep their weight the same.  They can gain muscle mass easily.   Slow metabolisms.  Small hands and feet.

Mesomorphs: strong bodies, athletic builds, big bones, well developed shoulders, and slim hips, may be large breasted.  Hips and breast measurements are similar.    Can gain muscle mass and loose weight easily.

Ectomorphs: the waifs. They are thin.  Fine boned.  Small breasts.    Long limbs.  Tend to be hairy.  Have trouble keeping their weight on.  Faster metabolisms.  They have lower levels of body fat and have trouble gaining muscle mass.

You can be a combination of the above – for example a large breasted ectomorph.

To further complicate things, you could also be an hourglass, apple, pear, or banana shaped.

Hourglass:   have well-proportioned upper and lower bodies with a narrow waist.  They are inclined to gain weight all over the body the hips and chest area.

Apple:  are bigger on the top half of their bodies than the lower half.  Slim hips, a large chest and stomach.

Pear:   have larger lower bodies and small upper bodies.  Hips are slightly wider than the shoulders and weight is gained below the wait.  Usually have small chests and flat stomachs.

Banana:   are waif-like thin.  No significant differences between the size of their hips, waist, and shoulders.  Weight is gained on their stomach and back sides while retaining slender arms and legs.

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