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Why athleisure?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

If fashion is said to mirror society, it’s no wonder athleisure has had such a meteoric rise. It’s a clothing category that suits many modern agendas; what else could you wear to work remotely? To travel? Go to brunch, and actually exercise in?

Once considered contentious, athleisure wear has become an integral part of our daily wardrobes. A good pair of leggings is just as essential as a pair of jeans, and the same goes for sweatpants or a trendy pair of joggers. Today you can walk around on the weekend and notice a chic cast of characters wearing tracksuits and yoga pants.

The athleisure trend has evolved significantly since the early 2000s when we saw velour sets from Juicy Couture styled with candy-colored Louis Vuitton bags.

Athleisure today is more refined and multifunctional, blending aesthetics from streetwear, loungewear, and high-performance sports attire. There is something for everyone, and with forecasts estimating the category to at least double by 2028, the options are multiplying. Fashion and function.

These days, the norm has become dressing to feel your best, with an extra emphasis on comfort. Athleisure is no longer the trend of the moment but, instead, a lifestyle — a key part of our day-to-day look that makes living a little more tolerable. Comfort is king!

"What began as a distinct class of performance activewear for fitness lovers has become its very own look and phenomenon, from high-end to fast fashion," proclaims fashion stylist to the stars, Lindsay Flores, the style director of Respin by Halle Berry. "Not to mention, it is something that we all partake in, even on days when we have no plans of working out." Athleisure is an entire category of functional clothes worn to make fitness comfortable and stylish.

So what, by these modern definitions, does athleisure look like today? It's wearing yoga pants with a bulky sweatshirt, platform sneakers, and layered necklaces. Or styling your exercise dress with chunky socks and loafers.

It's the many oversized, matching sets you have in your wardrobe, which instantly work for all the things — lounging, working from home, or going for a run.

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